Bergen International Festival

Grieghallen, Peer Gynt Hall, Bergen, Norway

Beatrice Deer and throat-singing partner Pauyungie Nutaraaluk join Arctic Icemusic.

"The mild sound of the ice.

Ice currant, iceberg, ice bass, isofon. Ever since the dream of incorporating ice in the instrumental collection became reality in 1999, Terje Isungset has been working on exploring the ice-cube's skin-shaking sound image. On stage, he has a string of singing, joke, vowels and video projections that provide the framework for an insight into the world of ice. Both the instruments and the music, performed by artists from Norway, Canada, Russia and Sweden, have been watching internationally.

Terje Isungset ice-cream, isophonic, ishorn, icecream | Beatrice Deer, Pauyungie Nutaraaluk, Radik Tyulyush (Huun-Huur-Tu) Tongsang | Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska Joik | Maria Skranes vocal, electronics, ice creams | Arve Henriksen trumpet, vocal | Anders Jormin double bass | Anastasia Isachsen video, light design | Atle Sekkingstad sound design"